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Wouldn't it help save lives if there was a mobile application that provided drowsy drivers with resources to make safer choices on the road? We present: CARffeine.

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    Keep Me Awake

    A "radio station" of interactive and engaging audio clips will help keep drivers alert and attentive as they make their way down the highway. By pulling in Youtube audio clips and integrating a personal "D.J." within the stream, this feature gives drivers a database of funny, interesting, loud, and challenging audio that ranges from stand up comedy bits to aural quizzes to upbeat music.

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    Connect Drivers

    Are you driving six hours to the beach this weekend? Want a friend to call you while your driving? Or maybe you're driving home to Atlanta for Thanksgiving. Why not connect with your friends on social networks so they can see that your driving and say, "Hey, my buddy's on a long trip home this weekend. If he starts to get tired, I'll give him a call. It'll be like I'm in the car with him!"

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    Map Rest Stops

    The most important component to CARffeine is our focus on encouraging drivers to pull over when they cannot remain alert behind the wheel. Our "Map Rest Stops" feature will allow drivers to find hotels, campgrounds, and rest stops nearby where they can get out of the car, stretch, take a break, and maybe even catch some "ZZZ's."

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    Tips and Resources

    We want to provide you with ways to ensure that you are sleeping right and avoiding drowsy driving. With our "Tips and Resources" feature, you can scroll through a list of helpful ways to ensure you don't find yourself nodding off behind the wheel of a car.

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